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What is This?

A five step process for building your law practice. 100 minutes of concise advice for how to get the best clients to find you, how to price the work that comes in, and how to grow your brand. After going through the five steps there are ten quick scenarios on how to deal with common situations, and 10 minutes of advice about software to accomplish your goals.

Who Made This?

A Toronto lawyer who started a law search engine used by governments while building a specialty law practice over the course of eight years. Before becoming a lawyer, he worked as a software developer. Today, his law clients are high growth startups with large user bases.

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Introduction To The Five Steps

About the author. The five steps for improving your business are: 1. Defining The Business 2. Optimization 3. New Clients 4. Retention 5. Reaping The Reward

Step 1: Defining The Business

[8 minutes long] Specialized lawyers are always in demand. What is your niche? How can you become the expert in your particular area so that you're the best in how you've defined it. Your narrative is the first step to marketing yourself. [For Subscribers Only]

Step 2: Optimization

[8 minutes long] Beginning the process of optimizing your online presence through content marketing and your website. Specific tools like Google's ad platform for analyzing which topics to write about based on search volumes. Creating content that answers questions and builds your reputation. Marketing with authenticity and accurately selling to boost inbounds. [For Subscribers Only]

[10 minutes long] Search engine optimization basics that are timeless, such as semantic tags (e.g. H1, H2, etc.). Avoiding search engine indexing problems by ensuring that the markup is right and it's not too media heavy. Measuring results and adapting based on traffic volume.

[8 minutes long] Content marketing ideas to get you started. How to design content around what clients are looking for. How to take your client work and transform it into content to reduce the effort required to write great content. Minimizing effort and maximizing results for the busy professional. Turning readers into clients. [For Subscribers Only]

Step 3: New Clients

[7 Minutes] How to better handle the new client process by qualifying them better. Doing a better job of explaining what you don't do, so that you can focus on what you actually do. Dynamic pricing based on demand. Starting to think about pricing. [For Subscribers Only]

[11 Minutes] The three big models for pricing are: 1. Hourly 2. Flat Fee 3. Fixed Fee Per Month. Combining the three pricing structures to be more competitive. How to know how to price and picking the right model for the client. Customers care what the value is, not what the cost is (since the potential clients are largely pre-qualified by virtue of the earlier steps). [For Subscribers Only]

Step 4: Client Retention

[6 Minutes] Aligning your clients with your practice. Reducing churn by better serving clients. It's better for the client and the lawyer if engagements are being constantly managed. Rapid communication and regular updates keep clients even more than good work does. Billing is the moment where clients fire lawyers and it's important to get ahead of any problems before they develop into termination of the retainer. Be careful about automating invoices. Everything is sales, even when they're already a client. [For Subscribers Only]

Step 5: Reaping The Reward

[4 Minutes] After completing the first four steps there should be more work, speaking engagements, and other benefits coming your way. Becoming recognized as a "go-to expert" is how to land the clients looking for "the best". The key is to become the best in a niche that you define, which will be constantly evolving as your practice does.

[5 Minutes] The biggest benefit of the five step process is becoming an expert, which happens when you've accumulated industry knowledge. Industry knowledge is even more important than legal skill, because the person who understands what clients need and what people in their situation usually do will have the most practical advice. Specialization also reduces stress and improves client outcomes. At the end of this you will have built up a network of other professionals (not necessarily lawyers) who will refer work to you and vice versa. [For Subscribers Only]

Two Minute Scenarios

[2 Minutes] How to handle bidding processes [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Handling inquiries from reporters [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Dealing with urgent requests from new clients [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Calls that don't go well [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] New client requests a very specific legal task to be performed [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Client points out an error you made

[2 Minutes] New client tries to bargain you down on the price

[2 Minutes] You made a mistake on social media about the law [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] The client brings in another lawyer [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Handling referrals to other lawyers [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] Handling work that's beyond your expertise [For Subscribers Only]

Practical Tool Tips

[3 Minutes] Backing up your work using cloud backups and offline backups (drives and USB keys). How to use an encrypted disk volume to store client files securely. [For Subscribers Only]

[5 Minutes] Discussion of different places that a website/blog can be hosted. Shared hosting, managed services, virtual private servers, and static file hosting are different options that you can pick from. Learning about the pros and cons of different web hosting methods empowers you to better understand and direct tech professionals who are working on your behalf. [For Subscribers Only]

[2 Minutes] How to do email hosting. The importance of DNS records and picking the right vendor. [For Subscribers Only]